31 Km

8 hr(s)

Budapest - Zsámbék

We start in Budapest, the capital of Hungary at the 0 km-stone, which can be found at the foot of the Castle Hill on the Danube. In Hungary one counts for each long-distance road the kilometers from this stone. After we have passed the tunnel - the beginning of the pilgrimage route - the traffic becomes less and less, and the road leads through increasingly quiet roads.
From the city, it goes uphill until we reach "Normafa", a popular excursion destination. From here you have a wonderful view of Budapest.
From here, a beautiful, wooded path leads to the «Makkosmaria» church. and further to the edge of Budakeszi, past single-family houses on small paths, to a fenced forest. After the forest we arrive in Páty, where there is the possibility to eat. A small chapel awaits us for spiritual food. After Páty we go on an acacia path and we reach the very straight "Tök path", which leads us through an agricultural area for about 10 km.
We can rest at the «Újmajor». Before us, we already see Zsámbék our present stage.
After the straight path, we reach Tök, which is a suburb of Zsámbék. From here we reach the Catholic church in Zsámbék.

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Prices, opening times and trade fairs may change, if you have any further information please write to info@szentjakabut.hu.

Pilgrims hostelPecsételőhely
Pilgrimsfriendly accomodationDrinking water (well, spring)
PensionFood shop, bakery
HotelBeverage store, pub
Community, sightBufett
Church, chapelCoffee house, pastry shop


Zsámbék, Mányi út 49.
Márkus, Panna
+36 30 129 6894
5 beds + 5 mattresses
Donative (approx. 2 500 Ft/p.)
Kitchenette, washing machine, meal order
Booking at least 2 days before arrival!


Zsámbék, Corvin János u. 1.
+36 23/342 107, +36 20/369 0991 
13 persons
From 11 000 Ft/person
Restaurant (pilgrim menu available), WIFI

Booking at least 2 days before arrival!



2071 Páty, Töki u. 7.
H-Sz: 6.00-20.00
V: 7.00-20.00
2071 Páty, Töki u. 7.
H-Sz: 6.00-20.00
V: 7.00-20.00
2071 Páty, Töki u. 7.
H-Sz: 6.00-20.00
V: 7.00-20.00

Budapest, 0 km stone

Town, place of interest
0 Km0 hr(s)Budapest, 0 km stone

Normafa, Anna chapell

Chruch, chapel
7 Km2 hr(s)Normafa, Anna chapell

Makkosmária, church

Chruch, chapel
2 Km0.5 hr(s)Makkosmária, church

Budakeszi, Erdért telep

General information
2 Km1 hr(s)Budakeszi, Erdért telep

Páty, Cukorborsó restaurant

6 Km2 hr(s)Páty, Cukorborsó restaurant

Zsámbék, katolikus templom

Chruch, chapel
14 Km3.5 hr(s)Zsámbék, katolikus templom

Német Közösségi Ház

Pilgrim-friendly accommodation
Zsámbék, Szent István tér 12-14.
1. Bató, Lajos, 2. Krisztián, Irma
1. +36 30/906 0596, 2. +36 20/953 7313,+36 23/342 640
13+5 persons
4450 Ft/person
Kitchen, spin-dryer, meal order, WIFI
Booking at least 2 days before arrival!


0 Km0 hr(s)Német Közösségi Ház

Mini ABC

Grocery store, bakery
2071 Páty, Töki u. 7.
H-Sz: 6.00-20.00
V: 7.00-20.00
0 Km0 hr(s)Mini ABC