Pilgrims pass

Pilgrims pass

Having a credencial issued for the Hungarian route is not obligatory, but it is recommended. Pilgrims holding a Credencial can collect stamps from the albergues, churches and towns he or she passes by and it also serves as a certification that the pilgrim is on the Saint Jabob's Way on foot or by bike. By showing the Credencial you will be entitled to a discounted price on recommended accommodations, pilgrim's menus and when arriving in Lébény you will be issued a Certificate of completion at the Pilgrim's Office in Lébény. You will need to collect stamps in your Credencial in each town of the Saint Jabob's Way - at least starting from Pannonhalma - in order to be awarded the Certification of Completion. 

The fee for the Hungarian Credencial is HUF 1000 (ca. EUR 2,50). We issue invoices on the Credencials.
Credencials can be requested on behalf of others by providing their names and official addresses.
Each Credencial has a serial number and a starting stamp. 

Credencials can be requested in person at these Pilgrim's Offices 

Addresses of the Pilgrim's Offices:


ZarándokZug: Budapest, District 5., Nyugati square 6. (inner courtyard)

Opening hours: every Monday and Thursday between 17.00-19.00

Phone (only in opening hours): +36 30 280 2241
Facebook: ZarándokZug


SzegedZentai u. 31., Összefogás Háza on Klebelsberg-telep (old school building)
Opening hours: every Wednesday between 6:00-7:30 pm 
Phone (only in opening hours): +36 20 334 5622
Facebook: Szegedi ZarándokPont  


It is also possible to request Credencials via post. In this case there is an additional postal fee. 

Please place your postal orders by sending and e-mail to rendeles@szentjakabut.hu with the above particulars.