Animals on the way

1. Ticks
Our pilgrimage leads through the parts of the country that is heavily populated by ticks. We encountered the existence and appetite of the parasites during our field trips. Of course there is nothing to worry about, but it is always good to get prepared. What can you do?
It is recommended to get vaccinated against illnesses spread by ticks. These vaccines are availble in pharmacies and any MD can administer the two necessary injections. Momentarily there are two types of vaccinations available, unfortunately the more popular one is not enjoying public reimbursement by the state.
If you would like to keep the parasites away, you may start taking a tablet called Polybé, approximately one week prior to your planned departure. This tablet changes the transpiration of your skin, which ticks do not tend to like and thus avoid.
Also, ticks do not fall from trees, but climb from forst grounds. Stay on wider and well beaten tracks and avoid paths with tall grass as well as sitting and resting in tall grass.

You can always pull your sock high and tuck your pants in for more protection.
Before departure and in every 4-5 hours after, use tick repellent spray on your legs and body. We recommend the brand Galaktív Bio available in the drogeries and pharmacies that is highly environmental friendly, affective and does not have a very unpleasent smell.
It is important that you check yourself regularly. In the case you do find a tick, it is best to pull the parasite off your skin as soon as possible. For pulling off the tck you are advised to use special equipment, such as special picks and tweezers. 

2. Mosquitos
This year the mosquio-control was not highly affective, but were heavy rainfalls. According to our pioneers experience you are expected to encounter lots of mosquitos along the way. Be prepared and have a repellant spray handy and apply regularly!

3. Deers and stags
Although wild animals can sense your presence much faster than you do and tend to avoid human contact there might be occasions - in particular in the Páty and Budakeszi area - where animals appear. You do not have to do anything special just enjoy the spectatacle. As wild animals are more timid and certainly much faster than you are, they will be long gone before you even know it. 

4. Hogs
Hogs may appear in the Páty and Dunakeszi area in the woods, in the Gerecse and also in the Bakony parts of the Camino.
If you want to make sure hogs will avoid you, keep bigger company and chat loudly! Wild animals do not like constant, unusual noise. In case you do have an encounter, act as if being bigger, stronger and louder. Szump your feet, clap your hands, shout very loudly, stand with your feet wide apart, spread your arms and cloths as much as you can in order to appear bigger. If hods sees you as big or strong, especially if you are in a group it is likely to surrender as having no chance against you. 

5. Bees and wasps
We strongly advise you not to disturb bee swarms or burrows and avoid hives and heavily populated areas! In case you do happen to run in a swarm of bees, it is best to quickly lie on the ground as bees tend to look for enemies in higher areas, so it is safer to stay low. This trick however does not work with wasps as they get rather agressive and attack in any direction.
Bees sting only with reason as means of protection, but before it gives a warning beforehand, signalling that you are in the way. This can be swirling around your head, buzzing around to attempt to warn you off as it is very well aware that once ot stings you, it will also be its last act. Wasps are a different story, they may have multiple gos on attacking you, are more agressive, might bite and sting as well. Wasps might cause trouble when you are resting as any kind of food poses as an attraction to them, fruits, sweets, meat, anything.  If it fancies your snack, it will not surrender graciously.
In the case wasps aprroach you without any agenda, it is best to keep calm and wait for them to go on their way (if finding no food). You might run into each other along the way, close to their nesting areas. Some wasps nest n the ground in the size of a balloon, with an entrance of only 1-2 cm wide, or in an abandoned mouse holes where the entrance is hardly noticable. If you step into one, just run! But usually you will not have such an accident on a beaten track.
Protection and medicins: calcium injection as muscle relaxant, additional special antihystamine preparation for people suffering allergies.

(The information collected and shared here is kindly provided by our fellow pilgrims, Gábor Nagy Gábor, Péter Jäckl Virág Villányi and Sándor Szokolai Sándor. Thank you!)