Whilst on the Camino, there are different types of accommodation are available. There are very simple, modest places for the most reasonable price, there are places called "donativo" that are operated on a donation basis and more comfortable places in a dearer proce-range.
The followings are general information on accommodation recommended by our association:

  • Albergues usually charge the best rate for pilgrims, however in order to qulify as a pilgrim, you need to show proof thereof. The accepted means of proof is a Credencial (pilgrims' passport) which can be issued by the Saint Jacob's Friends Association or by official prilgrim's offices on the Camino. Please note that Credencials of previous Caminos will not entitle you for pilgrim's dicounts. 

  • In order to assure an available bed or accommodation, it is adviseable to book 2 days in advance of your arrival.

  • Make sure yu have you have a sleeping bag, as not all albergues provide linen and sheets, also if you do not ask for that, the accommodation will cost less.

  • In the case you for any reason you cannot arrive at the pre-booked accommodation, please let the hospitaleros (hosts) know, i.e. give a quick call so other worn out prilgrims may be able to take your place.

  • At the albergues the hospitaleros are happy to stamp your Credencial if you do spend the night at the place.

  • Please bear in mind that the albergues operated on a donativo basis are not for free. We kindly ask you ot to take advantage of this generousity and donate a sum you feel comfortable with in exchange for the service of the kind hospitaleros, who clean and heat the albergues and donate their free time to be of your service.

    Locations and information on the albergues are shown on the route map as well as at the description of each stage. And here:

Camino Húngaro Budapest-Lébény-Rajka accommodation list

Camino Benedictus Tihany-Lébény-Rajka accommodation list